5 Beauty Benefits of Cucumbers!

Lately, I have been very interested in learning about skin care products such as masks and creams, especially those that I can make all on my own. There are thousands of homemade skin care recipes available online. One of them was a recipe for a mask that was made from cucumbers, which made me so interested in finding out what are some of the health and beauty benefits of this useful vegetable.

1) Cucumbers reduce puffy eyes!

This is a well-known benefit of putting sliced cucumbers on eyes for about 20 minutes. If you wake up tired and with puffy eyes, this is a great way to provide immediate relief. I learned that cucumbers have ascorbic acid in them, which works to reduce water retention under eyes, and in turn reduces puffiness!

2) Cucumbers rejuvenate the skin!

Cucumber juice can be used as a toner because of its cooling effect. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice to create this toner. This homemade remedy can help you reduce blemishes and pigmentation, and improve your overall skin complexion. Another benefit of this toner is that it tightens pores!

3) Cucumbers control oil secretion!

This benefit is especially exciting to me because my skin gets extremely oily by the end of the day. I still have not found a way to stop oil secretion, which ruins my makeup every time! Cucumber juice can be used to treat oily skin. Just blend cucumber in a blender until it forms a paste. Now you will need a cheesecloth to pour this substance on and extract the juice. Use a cotton ball to apply the cucumber juice on your face and wait until it dries. Then, wash your face with water. This should be done daily! I cannot wait to try this out!

4) Cucumbers reduce cellulite!

I learned that cucumbers contain phytochemicals that cause the collagen in the skin to become tighter and the outer layer of thighs firmer. I discovered two ways to use cucumbers to reduce cellulite. The first is to rub a sliced cucumber on the thigh area for a few minutes. A second way is a little more complicated. You will need to mix cucumber juice with 1/2 a cup of ground coffee and 1 tablespoon of honey. Then, you apply this mixture on the area where you have cellulite, wrap it with a muslin sheet, and exfoliate after 30 minutes. 

5) Cucumbers help with growth and strengthening of hair!

Cucumbers are known to contain important nutrients that encourage hair growth, such as calcium, sulfur, and silicon! All you need to do is regularly drink cucumber juice, which will help with hair growth, as well as leave your hair silky and healthy!

I think it is so important to take care of skin, but skin care products can be so expensive! I love the idea of using homemade remedies to better my skin and overall health! 

Have you heard about these benefits of cucumbers? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments! :)