Newchic Review

Newchic Review

As some of you may remember, I wrote a post about an online store that I discovered a few weeks ago called Newchic. I picked a few things from their site and created a wishlist. If you want to check it out, you can find it here. :)

I decided to actually order this sweater and jeans  from Newchic. I was so excited to try them on when I received my package this week. Every time I get a package, it's like Christmas, no matter what day of the year it is!

This sweater feels as comfy as it looks. It's so soft and thick, but not heavy. I love the asymmetrical bottom, and how long it is. I'm especially happy that the sleeves are long enough, as that's always a challenge for me. I could wear this sweater with either heels and sneakers. It's so versatile!

I ordered these jeans because of how cool the wash is. Not only does the wash look great in person, but the quality of these jeans is amazing, considering what I paid for them. For less than $20, I would not have been surprised to get something that felt cheap. Instead, I got a great pair of jeans! They fit amazing, especially around my thighs and butt. The one thing I am a little disappointed in is the length. I do have long legs, and this pair is just a little short of my ankles. Keep that in mind when you are choosing a size for yourselves. Other than that, I would definitely recommend shopping at this online store. Just make sure to measure yourself when picking a size for your clothes. :) 

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