How My Winter Style Changed Over the Years!

It is so interesting to look back at my old photos once in a while. I do it to not only look back at some of the best memories that I captured on camera, but to also compare how I used to look with what I look like now! Oh gosh, I wish you could have seen some of my styles back in the day, especially in high school. You would probably fall out of your chair from laughing! Haha! In today's post, I wanted to share my winter style transformation with you, so keep on reading! :)

A blogger standing near Christmas lights, wearing a gray coat, orange skirt, black top.

A couple of years ago, my mom bought me this cute autumn coat, and it hit me that I did not want to wear short winter puffer jackets anymore. Instead, I wanted to look more elegant! Before then, I loved wearing sporty clothes in the winter. I used to wear sporty boots because I loved being comfortable. Now, I feel a little different about what I want to look like. Even though being comfortable still matters a lot to me, the jackets and coats I choose to wear in the winter are much, much longer.

Now that I am writing this, I remember always wanting to wear cute and tiny winter jackets, especially when I was a teenager. I just wanted to look good, and I did not care about being warm. Thank God my mom made me wear warm clothes, or my private parts would have been frozen for sure. Lol!

I am so much in love with the coat that I am wearing in these photos. Not only is it warm, but it also looks amazing and elegant. I felt like such a lady when we were shooting these photos. I also like to wear boots that have a little wedge or heel, unless it is snowing like crazy. I also tend to wear hats and scarves more often now than I did years ago. I just really hate being cold! That is why I dream of living somewhere warm, where winter feels like autumn. Maybe someday...

It is so fascinating how much we change throughout the years. Not only does our style change every year, but also our understanding of the world and ourselves. I could talk about this stuff forever, but today's post is not about that! :)

BTW, those of you who are planning to visit Boston during the winter should definitely come to this place where we shot these photos. It is called Assembly Row in Somerville, MA. It is a cute outdoor shopping plaza with a bunch of restaurants surrounding the shops. The whole place is decorated with Christmas lights, and it becomes such a magical place during the holiday season. If you have kiddos, there is the Legoland Discover Center in this plaza, where they will have so much fun! There is also a movie theater right next to Legoland! I love coming here, especially in the winter. Beautiful pictures are definitely guaranteed here!

So now that I shared what I prefer to wear in the winter, please share how your own style has changed in the past few years. Has it changed much, or is it still very similar? :)

A close-up of a fashion blogger, wearing a gray coat with faux fur.
A beauty blogger sitting on the bench surrounded by Christmas lights and small shops.
A blogger standing in front of a Christmas tree.
Blogger standing near beautiful restaurants covered with Christmas lights.
A blogger sitting on the bench outside, and Christmas lights are wrapped around the trees behind her.
Fashion blogger sitting on a rock outside with the Christmas tree behind her. 
A photo of a Christmas tree.
A blogger sitting on a bench outside, wearing a gray coat, orange skirt, black tights.
Full winter outfit : black top, orange skirt, black tights and boots, and gray coat.

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