My Endless Love for Red! (You HAVE to See This Red Coat)

My Endless Love for Red! (You HAVE to See This Red Coat)
Girl sitting on the bridge, wearing a red coat, express jeans, black turtleneck, and brown high heel booties.

Hello, everyone! I hope you had an amazing Christmas! I spent it with my family, which was great. I always feel like a child when I am spending time at my parents' house. Adulthood kind of leaves me when I am with them, which I do not mind at all. Ok... Let's get to today's fashion post! I am sharing another one of my favourite red items that I own - this red coat!

A blogger wearing a red coat, dark blue jeans, and brown booties.
A close-up of a red coat with black buttons and red belt.

I wish I could wear this colour every single day. To be honest, my mood fluctuates so much in the winter that I don't think I will look cute in red when I am grumpy as fuck. Lol! I have had this coat for several years, but I haven't worn it that much. I bought it when I was applying to my first college, and at that time, I didn't like to stick out much in regards to my outfits. I think I bought it because my mom loved the way it looked on me. She has the best taste in clothing, I tell ya. Anyway, as I am getting older, I am more aware of my own style, and I now absolutely love wearing colourful pieces.

A portrait of a fashion blogger.
Blogger sitting on the bridge with cars driving in the background, wearing a spring outfit with red coat.

Now let's talk about this coat! My favourite details on it are the ruffles in the front! They are so cute, fun, and playful! When I tie the belt, it really accentuates my waist! Even though I love baggy and comfy coats, I think it is absolutely necessary to have at least one coat that is close-fitting. You can wear it on top of a dress, any romantic outfit, or wear it with something similar to my look in these photos. I decided to wear dark tones because I really wanted the coat to stick out, and from the looks I got from people who were passing by, I think I achieved my goal! Haha!

Beauty blogger looking down in the picture, wearing a red coat with ruffles in the front of it.
A blogger posing on the bridge with the ocean in the background.
The back details of blogger's red coat outfit.
A girl wearing a red playful coat.
Blooger looking to the side, and posing on the Revere bridge, wearing a casual outfit.

What colour is your absolute favourite to wear? What do you think of today's look? Also, share what you received for Christmas. I am dying to know what you all got! :)