How to Rock a Blouse Like a Boss!

Every time I wear a blouse, I instantly feel like a boss girl because of how professional I look. I especially love wearing blouses to work. There are a few blouses in the work section of my closet, and they are some of my staple pieces! BTW, if you need some ideas of what to wear at work, check out this post to get some inspiration!

There are so many cool ways to wear a blouse. You can tuck it in, button it up, let it loose over the pants, or tie it up. You can wear it with professional black pants or a skirt, or also wear it with jeans! I love how versatile this piece of clothing is!

Today, I am sharing one of my favourite blouses in my closet with you. I really like how it makes my waist look slimmer than it actually is, and the back of the blouse is just beautiful! 

I also wanted to share a few cute blouses that you would totally rock. You can shop them below!

What are your thoughts on blouses? Where do you like to wear this piece of clothing? :)