20 Things You Can Do at Home on Your Day Off

There are days when the weather is bad, your friends are away on vacation, your significant other is busy working, etc, and you are left at home all alone. It is very easy to let the day go and do absolutely nothing.

I, honestly, am trying to be as productive as I can on my days off, especially after I started this blog. It is more fun to spend your time writing and planning your future posts rather than being glued to the couch for the whole day. I decided to make a list of activities that I find myself doing when I want to be productive. Take a look, maybe you will find new ideas for your lazy days. 

1) Pamper yourself (manicure, pedicure, face and hair masks, etc.)

2) Read a book

3) Clean and organize your room

4) Find a new recipe and make a new dish

5) Play dress up with your clothes 

6) Try a new make up trick

7) Turn on music and just dance

8) Exercise. There are a bunch of workout videos on YouTube. Also, Google is your friend when it comes to finding daily workouts.

9) Spend time on your hobby

10) Answer emails 

11) Take a bubble bath and relax

12) Make a bucket list

13) Learn a new skill (example: how to edit a video, how to make music using computer software, etc.)  

14) Visit Pinterest for awesome DIY ideas 

15) Try an online yoga class

16) Have a photoshoot (selfieshoot?) 

17) Make a list of things you need to accomplish this month

18) Look through old pictures

19) Skype with a long distance friend

20) Create a blog

If you have your own list of awesome things to do on a day off, please share! :)

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