Wishing Boston Canals Were Miami Beaches...

Wishing Boston Canals Were Miami Beaches...


I hope you had an awesome week! In today's post, I am sharing this cute look that, as you can see, does not include heels haha. I don't remember the last time I had a post where I did not wear heels. What can I say, I just love feeling tall. :)

These pants feel so light, almost as if I have no bottoms on. The crop top is so simple but I think it is perfect for this whole look. 

I wore this outfit last year when I was in Miami. So, every time I wear it now, it reminds me of that vacation. I am so excited because Jude and I are leaving in two weeks for our annual Miami trip haha. I plan on taking a bunch of videos, and hopefully make a cool vlog. 

Are you guys planning any vacations this summer? Also, let me know what your thoughts are about this look. :)