When Old Meets New in the Heart of Boston...

When Old Meets New in the Heart of Boston...

This week, I am on vacation! I have seven days off from my work! Yaaaasss! On Monday, Jude and I walked around Boston, and took these photos. It is such a beautiful city. We explored these cute little streets behind the State House, which are filled with cobblestones, bricks, and the rich Colonial history that goes back 200+ years! It is amazing how this history is still preserved in the middle of skyscrapers and highways.

I just wish the weather would be much nicer. This day was super windy, and it was so hard to take photos without my hair looking all crazy. I am happy we managed to get a few nice shots. As you can see, I am still trying to bring out the colour of my new hair. This time it is with the help of these cute sandals.

Keep an eye on my Instagram and Snapchat, as Jude and I are in Miami!