What Happens in Miami 2!

What Happens in Miami 2!

About a month ago, Jude and I went on a vacation to Miami. Three years in a row, we have been going to Miami during the summer, and we don't regret not going anywhere else at all! We did think about possibly traveling to a new place, but we missed Miami so much, which is why we decided to go back.

This time, instead of staying at a hotel, we rented an apartment through airbnb. If you have not heard about this service, basically you are able to rent someone's actual home during your vacation. Our apartment was very cute and cozy. Since we figured that we would only be there to spend our nights, we rented a small one bedroom apartment that cost us much less money than getting a room at a hotel. Overall, we really enjoyed staying there. 

We spent a lot of time on the beach, relaxing, and sipping on our drinks. One day, it was very cloudy while we were at the beach, but that didn't stop me from getting tan haha. We finally went on a helicopter ride. Oh my God, it was such an amazing experience. If you are ever in Miami, do book a helicopter tour. You will have an unforgettable memory! We booked our trip here. By the way, I wanted to give you a little tip before you book any tours. Always, always, always check Groupon! We saved so much money on tours, and even food by checking Groupon before we wanted to go out and do fun things. Also, usually every hotel, and even Airbnb check in place, provide a lot of coupons for any touristy thing you might want to experience there.

I will not be writing much about restaurants to visit because, well, most of the time we went to the same places we did last year haha. You can check out my last post about our Miami vacation where I mentioned some amazing places for food. You can find this post here. :)

I wish we could just move there already. We have to wait at least two more years until I graduate with my Master's. I, honestly, cannot wait to live in a place where it is always warm. I do like winter, but winter in New England is just unbearable! Spending time on the beach after work is what I look forward to! Ah, cant wait!

Anyway... This is all I have for today's post. I hope these photos and video inspire you to take a vacation if you haven't had one yet, or inspire you to go do something super fun wherever you are!

Btw, have you gone on vacation this summer? Where? Let me know in comments. :)