Mesh Top and Snake Print Pants: What a Sexy Combo!
mesh top and life of ardor 1

This year, I decided to begin changing my style a bit, and to try out the things that I would never have worn in the past. For example, I bought these crazy looking snake print pants and this sexy black mesh top from Zara a few weeks ago. In the past, I would have probably not even looked at pants like these because I would not have known how to style them. Just like any person who is not sure of something, I avoided it with a passion, and I certainly avoided wearing more eye-popping clothing before.

mesh top and life of ardor 2
mesh top and life of ardor 4

So let’s talk about how freakin’ awesome these pants are! They definitely play the main role in this outfit, and I am sure I will catch many eyes while wearing them. If you have been following me for a while, I wrote a post in the past where I talked about how uncomfortable I felt when people looked at me during photoshoots, especially if I was super dressed up. In the past several months, I have done a great deal of self-analysis and growth, and I feel like I am so much more confident in my own skin now. However, I still have lots of self-work to do to be able to completely rid myself of self-doubt and concern for what other people think of me. The good thing is I felt completely fine wearing this sexy outfit and taking photos while people were walking by and literally staring at me. Haha! Progress! :)

mesh top and life of ardor 5
mesh top and life of ardor 6

These pants are pretty stretchy, and don’t make my legs feel numb after hours of wearing them. I love that about these pants! Do you ever come home after a long day of wearing skinny jeans, and your legs feel so achy that it even hurts to walk? I own a few pants like that, and I only wear them if I need to run to the store but still want to look cute. I hate these kinds of pants for squeezing the shit out of my legs, but I still love them for their looks. Haha! These Zara pants are the complete opposite; they are very comfortable!

mesh top and life of ardor 7
mesh top and life of ardor 8

I chose to not have any brighter colours in this look other than the pants. I think that black looks absolutely amazing with any print like this. I wore this cute black bralette under the mesh top, and I think this combo looks great together. Actually, the whole look is a great combo of gorgeous clothing pieces and accessories.

mesh top and life of ardor 9
mesh top and life of ardor 10
mesh top and life of ardor 12
mesh top and life of ardor 13

What do you think of this look? Where would you wear it? Let me know in the comments. :)