Remembering Warmer Days!

Hi everyone! :)

How is your Friday night?

I was resting after work on my couch when I decided to look through my photos and found these. I completely forgot about this shoot that I did a few weeks ago, when it was much warmer outside. It is a little too cold for this type of leather jacket now. As much as I love the look of everything white outside, I do prefer to wear less layers. It isn't winter yet, but whenever I leave my home, I feel like that little boy, Randy, from Christmas story who was wearing a red snowsuit haha. 

Black and white is always a great combination of colors. I added this leopard purse to make it a little more interesting, and I think it looks amazing. What are your thoughts? :)

What I Am Wearing:
Jacket: Jou Jou
TShirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Bag: Tj Maxx
Boots: Call It Spring