Outfits From Husband's Closet

Outfits From Husband's Closet

While Jude was at work, I had an opportunity to experiment with some of his clothing, and create new looks. I managed to come up with 5 casual outfits, which of course I paired with heels. :)
P.S. : Don't mind my crazy hair, I was too lazy to make it look pretty. 

1) Jude's comfy sweater
Since baggy sweaters are trendy right now, I paired this comfy sweater with my ripped capris and nude heels. I am definitely wearing this outfit when it's not so cold outside. 

2) White shirt
This is my favorite outfit that I came up with. I love Jude's dress shirts. This white one looks great with these jeans and my shiny heels. Simple and sexy at the same time. Funny thing is these jeans used to belong to Jude. He used to be much skinnier before we started living together. I feed him well, I guess. Haha!

3) Jude's gray shirt
His baggy shirt looks great with my black pencil skirt and these cool high heel sandals. I tied the shirt in the front to make it look like a crop top. Doesn't it look awesome? 

4) Jude's white sweatshirt
White is one of my favourite colours. His sweatshirt is so comfy, and it looks good with these white capris and yellow pointy heels. I am stealing it from Jude! Haha

5) Jude's green shorts and black shirt
Jude doesn't wear these shorts anymore, so I guess I'm just gonna move them to my closet. I think they look cool with a black tank, strappy heels, and Jude's black dress shirt. 

What do you guys think of these outfits? Do you also like to wear your significant other's clothes?