The Weekend

The Weekend

What do you do to escape your old daily routine? Personally, I run away from Boston. A life in a big city isn't always fun and exciting, but sometimes it is just too much to handle. So I get in my car, drive to Western Mass, and stay at my parents' house. This is a perfect place for me to relax, laugh, and forget about work and other adult responsibilities.

Last weekend, as you probably guessed, I stayed with my family. Jude came there on Sunday, and we decided to have a little photoshoot. The weather was so nice and relatively warm, so I decided to wear a leather jacket with heels, and this awesome looking high wasted skirt. Oh, and I stole my mom's purse. Haha!

 What are your plans this weekend? Are you relaxing at home or going out? :) I am excited for Sunday, because we are going to WWE's TLC wrestling match! :D

 Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like these pictures!