Mean Girls Inspired Makeup Brushes!

I have super exciting new for you, makeup lovers! On August 30th, Spectrum Cosmetics is launching new makeup brushes! They are inspired by the movie Mean Girls! Whaaaat!


This movie is one of my favourites! I used to be obsessed with Lindsay Lohan. She was amazing in this film. I was dying from laughter when she and her team cut out circles in the chest area of Regina's shirt, and then everyone else in the school did the same! Haha! if you have not seen this movie yet, you need to watch it ASAP!


So let's talk about these brushes! First of all, the case is adorable. It's so funny that it is named the Burn Book, and the brushes' names are quotes from the movie. For example, some brushes are called "You can walk home bitches", "On Wednesday we wear pink", "She doesn't even go here", "That's so fetch", and other awesome names. When I read these names, I think of the moments from the movie, and it brings me so much joy! I want these brushes so badly! Haha!

There are 10 brushes that are made from synthetic hair. They are vegan and cruelty-free, which is amazing! There are 6 face brushes, and the rest you can use on your eyes. Also, another cool thing about this product is that you can wear the Book as a purse! Yas!

The Full-Size Book itself will cost $64.99. It can store 18 large-handle makeup brushes, 10 medium-handle makeup brushes, and 12 small-handle makeup brushes!

The brushes set only will also cost $64.99. 

The Mini Burn Book and the Brush Set will cost $94.99! This is the Book that you can use as a purse, and it is only designed to hold these 10 brushes.

FYI, when you go to the website, it says that these items are sold out. This is because they have not launched yet. They will be available on August 30th! You can also leave your email address to get the full details on what time the launch will be happening!

You know you want this set, so don't let anything stop you! Lol!

Let me know if you are ready to rock this fetch set, and if you are planning to get any of these items! Also, share your favourite moment from the movie Mean Girls. :)

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