Kora Fitness Gear Review!

Hey, everyone! In today’s post, I am reviewing this beautiful athletic outfit by Kora Fitness. Keep reading if you love discovering new fitness gear companies. :)


First of all, let’s talk about the colour of this set. How freakin’ gorgeous is this ocean colour!?  I love any shades of blue/green, and this is the colour that I was drawn to instantly after browsing the website. It has a couple of other cute fitness sets of similar colour. 


Now let’s talk about the actual quality of these products. These leggings and bra are made of a pretty thick material, but when I wore them to the gym, I still felt pretty light and comfortable. I didn’t feel more sweaty than usual, so I don’t mind the thickness of this material. I actually do like how thick these leggings are because I can squat, deadlift and do all other crazy exercises without being paranoid about my underwear showing through the leggings. I felt completely confident that nobody would see my red underwear when I squatted haha! 

I also really like this bra because it actually holds everything in place, and I can run sprints without feeling like my breasts are about to fall out. I got a size small, and I find it a little bit tight for my liking, so I will get a medium next time.  

Another thing that I love about the leggings is that they hug my waist perfectly and make it look smaller than it actually is (Yas!). I hate wearing loose-waisted leggings because they can’t even hold my phone when I try to tuck it in (lol, let’s be honest, you  hold your phone like that too!). 


I love the design of these leggings and bra. How adorable is the back of the bra! It makes me want to look at my back progress even more. Love!  


I enjoyed ordering from the site as well. The process was pretty easy, and I received my package a bit less than a week after I had made my purchase. One thing that I really like about this company is that whenever someone buys a product, a portion of the cost goes to a charity that they get to choose from. Kora works with four different charities, which are Water, Action Against Hunger, Operation Underground Railroad (against child sex trafficking), and ADAA (mental health). I think that their mission of creating beautiful and comfortable fitness clothing, and giving to the ones in need is very admirable. 


I made a decision to apply to work with this company as an ambassador, and I was accepted. :) As you may know, I am a family therapist, and being a supporter and advocate for mental health is extremely important to me. I love that Kora donates to charities, and I certainly want to be a part of the cause. 

Btw, I purchased these products with my own money so that I can actually decide if I like the products or not. I really do! I felt comfortable and sexy (yes, it’s totally normal to feel so at the gym) when I worked out in this outfit. It not only boosted my confidence about how I looked, but also made me more motivated to kick ass at the gym. 

I am just letting you know that the links that I included in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase anything by following the links, I will get a small commission. I also do have a code for 15% off, which is Lifeofardor15! Thank you ahead of time if you make a purchase and use my code. You will not regret having a product from this company in your closet. It may be a bit pricey, but the cause and quality of the products are so worth it! :) 


What do you guys think of this fitness outfit? Do you like dressing up when you workout? Share in the comments. :)