Inspirational: Let's Empower Each Other!

I often see statuses or memes on social media sending a message that it is acceptable to put down women. I often see girls making fun of other girls' makeup, looks, etc. This is not inspirational, and is so sad to watch! I am not perfect, and I am sure that I have done these things in the past as well. I realized that it is so much harder to find more positive things about each other, but it is so much better to build each other up than tear each other down.

Do you remember a time when somebody said an unkind thing about you? It hurt a little, right? So why don't we start thinking more positively about each other? Next time you click on a girl's picture, leave a nice comment! That one comment can make somebody's day - trust me!

By putting away negative thoughts, and focusing on something nice about a person, you are changing the way you treat others. It's a damn difficult thing to do, but it is so worth it!

Let's empower each other!!! Women have to depend on each other, right?! So start today, or even better, right now! Let's make somebody smile! Agreed? :)

What do you think? Should we all work together to bring more positivity into the world? What are some more things you think we should all do? Let me know in the comments!

"Strong women don't put other women down. They lift them up."

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