I Gave Up Coffee... What?!

I Gave Up Coffee... What?!

"Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change."

As some of you know, I am currently in the second semester of a clinical mental health program in graduate school. The Spring semester began two weeks ago, and I am already overloaded with assignments! Anyway... We can complain about the amount of school work in a different post. Well, unless you really need to get it off your chest, then definitely leave a comment! :)

This semester, I am taking a substance abuse class, which is very important to do counseling work. My professor decided that we, the students, should go through an experience somewhat similar to those individuals who are dependent on substances. For the next ten weeks, I have to give up something that is a big part of my life - a habit, a lifestyle, etc.

I chose to give up coffee. I know, so crazy of me! I am such a coffeeholic, because I cannot live without it. My normal daily routine starts with a cup of coffee, and I usually have to have at least two cups a day for me to survive long hours of school and work.

Seriously, what was I thinking when I decided to give up coffee?! Did you guys know that caffeine-related disorders are in DSM-5, which is the book that mental health professionals use to diagnose people with disorders. You can actually experience withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop drinking coffee. This, of course, is for those people who can't live a day without coffee. People like me! Haha!

So, since I am doing this crazy thing, every other week, I will be writing about my experience without coffee, any relapses, thoughts, behaviors, benefits, etc.

Speaking of relapses: It has been 2 weeks since I stopped drinking coffee, and I already relapsed at least three times. So bad! By the way, an interesting thing is that the first few days after not having coffee, I did experience headaches that were more frequent than usual. Also, I felt more irritated. I mean everything was getting on my nerves! It is crazy to realize that a substance such as coffee can have such a powerful effect on our bodies.

Anyway, let me know if this is something that you would like to continue reading about.  :)

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