I Tried Homemade Tanner and Here are My Thoughts!

I know that it is summer, which means now is the time to be at the beach, sipping on a drink while tanning. This sounds so perfect! I just realized that this summer is almost over, and I only went to the beach twice! So of course, you can imagine how pale I am compared to people who spend lots of time outside! Imagine an egg carton where all the eggs are nice and brown, and there is one white egg. Well, that white egg is totally me right now! Haha! I figured I should use some tanning lotion instead of sitting at the beach for hours. While I was browsing Pinterest, I found a recipe for a homemade self-tanner! So, I decided to try it out and share my thoughts with you. :)

First, let me explain how it works, and what you need to do to make this self-tanner. You need two ingredients, which are lotion (body cream or SPF cream) and instant coffee. That is it! Cool, right?

You need to mix the two ingredients together. But first, be sure to grind down the coffee with a spoon to make it look like powder. The consistency of this tanner has to be just like lotion's consistency - creamy. Do not worry about the dark colour of the mixture, because once you begin rubbing it onto your skin, it will look much lighter.

So, I did three layers of this mixture because it seemed very light to me. I used circular motions to rub it in. Also, make sure you look at the back of your legs in the mirror to be certain that there are no dark spots and everything looks nice and smooth. Another tip is to use a scented lotion, or otherwise, your body will stink like coffee. Lol!

Overall, I think it is a pretty cool idea to use this DIY tanner if you are going out and want to look tan. I would not recommend using this if you are planning on swimming because it will come off right away. So yes, this is a temporary tanner. However, after doing some research, I found out that gradually after using this tanner for a few days, it actually leaves a stain so your body will look tanner than it was before.

I have one more tip for you! Before putting this tanner (or any other tanner) on your face, try it on another part of your body first to ensure that you will not get any reaction! Super important!

I loved that this tanner gave me a pretty sunkissed and glowy look, as if I put lots of highlighter on my legs. Another cool thing that I read is that coffee helps women fight cellulite! Coffee scrub helps stimulate blood flow, which in turn helps tighten your skin. So while tanning your legs, you are also gradually reducing the visibility of cellulite. Sounds good to me!

The only con about this homemade tanner is that it can stain your clothes, especially while the lotion is still setting into your body. So definitely wait some time before putting on your clothes!

Thank you for reading this post! Let me know what you think of this homemade tanner. Have you tried it before? Would you use it? :)