Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

I am so happy to say that I am already done and over with Christmas gift shopping  this year! I usually do it the week of Christmas, and I am sure you can imagine that can be a little stressful. This year, I didn't want to worry about not getting the perfect gift for my friends and family, so I did the shopping almost a month before this holiday. Smart, I know... :)

Every year, I have to get more creative with gifts. I mean, what do you get somebody who already has everything they need, or what do you get a kid that doesn't really play with toys? As much as I love buying presents, it can become aggravating and time consuming. 

So, I decided to make it easier for you guys, and created a list of possible gifts that you could get for your loved ones. I hope it helps in your journey of picking out awesome gifts! :)

For Mom

1) Bag - This classic and elegant looking bag would be an amazing gift for your mama, or mother-in-law, or any other important woman in your life. 

2) Scarf - Winter is coming, so you definitely want your mom to stay warm and cozy. 

3) Hand cream set - For somebody whose hands get dry in the winter, this gift is perfect. 


For best friend/sister

4) Studded Kiss Lipstick - If your best friend or sister is a makeup lover, this bad ass looking lipstick will make them super happy. 

5) Red lace up heels - Well, heels are always a good present for any girl. These lace up red heels look incredible.

6) Nail polish set - Every girls needs to have pretty nails. This nail polish set will make that happen. 


Younger sister/niece (7+)

7) Owl lipgloss - This is such a cute owl lipgloss! My sister, who is 7, would definitely love this one. 

8) Head kitty accessory - If your little sis is obsessed with headbands or Ariana Grande, I am sure this will make her happy. I mean look at this cuteness! Haha

9) Shopkins playset - In my sister's school, kids have been obsessing over these little toys that you can put on top of a pencil. These little guys with cute faces will make anybody smile. 


For Boyfriend/Husband/Dad

10) Watch - Aldo always has great men's watches. I love this one a lot. This is a great gift for a man. 

11) Drone - Men do like their toys, so make your loved one happy and feel like a kid with this cool looking drone. 

12) Wallet - Since men don't really like carrying change, this is a thoughtful gift for your husband or boyfriend or dad, etc. This wallet holds up to 10 cards. They can also put cash in there also. Who wouldn't like it? It looks cool! 


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think about these gifts. :)