Perfect Look for a Brunch Date!

Good morning, everyone! I usually hate Mondays. However, I am excited to start this new week, because I have made so many plans for this blog and my YouTube channel. I cannot wait to begin working on projects, and share them with you, starting with this brunch look!

I love the combination of a leather jacket and a simple dress! I think that you can create so many looks with the help of a leather jacket, and all of them can be perfect for any occasion. This casual look is great for a brunch date!

To be honest, I never wore blue and lavender shades together. As I was trying to pick out clothes for a blog post, I decided to try on this dress (I stole it from my mom's closet, oops!) and these wedges. Voila! These colours that I thought would not work together actually look amazing when paired in one look.

What do you think of this colour combination? What is your favourite way to style a leather jacket? Let me know in comments. :)