Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

Today is my first day of grad school! I am so excited to start this new journey. A couple of weeks ago, I was contemplating if I was ready to go back to school. The realization that my social life would be over, that I would not be able to work full time anymore, and the amount of school work I would have to do scared me so much! I bet some of you will have, or already do have, the same thoughts when deciding if it's time to further your education. 

As you already know, today I am sharing how I figured out if I was ready to take this next step in my life. Last week, I had three days of intense orientations at my grad school. At the beginning of the first day, my own negative thoughts honestly made me think that maybe I was not ready. However, when I arrived and met quite a few people who had the same passion for psychology, it made me feel so at peace. I felt like I belonged there, and by the end of the third day, I could not wait to start classes!

If you are going through the same situation, and are unsure if grad school is for you, the only way to figure this out is to put yourself out there and meet with people who share your interests when it comes to education. It is easy to lose sight of your motivation, unless you have a goal, or support from family, or your own passion for your profession. Once you find that motivation, it's important to maintain that momentum!

I also wanted to share this cool, casual look. I think it would be perfect to wear on your first day of school. Well, minus the bag, because you would probably need a backpack haha. What do you guys think of this look? Those of you who are going back to school, what are you planning to wear, or what did you wear if you've already started? :)

Shirt: Love Culture
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Ruff Hewn
Bag: Aldo