A Day in the Life of Ardor Ft. Warby Parker

A Day in the Life of Ardor Ft. Warby Parker

I am so excited about this post because I am sharing a day in my life with you! It gets so cold here in Boston during the winter, and I want to show you what my lifestyle is like during this frigid season. This is my Warby Holiday.

In the winter, my Friday mornings start with a nice hot shower, while Jude is still sleeping. Friday mornings are actually the only mornings when we get to spend some time together. Our work schedules do not match, unfortunately. Last Friday, for breakfast, I decided to make delicious breakfast sandwiches. They came out so good! The eyeglasses that I wore while cooking are called Cass, in Whiskey Tortoise colour. These frames are so beautiful, with their wide, rounded shape. They sit so well on my face, and are super comfortable.

After eating, I had some time to lounge around in my cozy living room. I love to read, and these quiet mornings are perfect to catch up on my favourite books. I relaxed with these beautiful Upton frames. They have a smaller profile, and are perfect to wear everyday. Of course, anytime I pick up a book, my kitty decides he needs attention. As you can see, my life pretty much revolves around him!

Eventually, he bothered me enough where I had to put down my book, and take him for a walk! I swear, he thinks he is a dog. I put on these gorgeous Halford sunglasses, in polished gold. They are an updated variation of the classic aviator, are very light in weight, and look so stylish! I bundled up, and we got to try out his new leash. Do you like our matching outfits? Haha!

It hadn't started snowing here in Boston (yet!), so we took advantage of the relatively good weather. We took a walk in the Seaport district. It was so cold by the water! It's such a gorgeous view though, and I was excited to wear my Banks sunglasses, matched with this cute outfit. These are my favourite Warby Parker glasses, because they are BIG with beautiful thick frames.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any snow on the ground at the time. The weather in New England has been so strange and unpredictable! At least I was able to get out and enjoy this beautiful city, and that is what my Warby Holiday is like. You all know I love my little adventures in Boston, and I'm so excited that Warby Parker could be a part of it.

As you may know, Warby Parker have so many styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses. You can find these styles I wear personally and more on their website, or at a showroom near you!

Thanks so much for taking this little peak into my life. I am so happy to share these days with you all! What do you do on a free day in the winter? Do you bundle up at home, or go on an adventure? :)


                                 This post was in collaboration with the great Warby Parker.