5 Cute Autumn Looks from Femme Boutique Boston!

5 Cute Autumn Looks from Femme Boutique Boston!

Happy Monday, everyone! Today will be a fashion post that took me forever to create! The struggle of editing photos is real! I am sharing with you 5 gorgeous outfits that I put together when visiting Femme Boutique Boston clothing store. 

The first outfit that I am sharing is this trendy look that I feel like so many people have been wearing this fall - an oversized sweater shirt and knee-high boots! This sweater dress is so soft! I did not want to take it off. It is also very warm, which is perfect for the current cold weather in Boston. The back is a little longer than the front. The sleeves are my favourite details of this dress. So cute! You can find this sweater dress here!

A blogger wearing a green oversized sweater.
Green sweater dress, knee high boots, and a black purse.
A blogger wearing a green sweater dress, black knee-high boots, and a black purse.

The next look is another sweater outfit. This is a pretty cool distressed gray sweater. I paired it with black jeans, and these cool high af heel boots! To be honest, I never thought that I would like a sweater like this one. Ever since Kanye West came out with those distressed bum-like sweaters, I refused to buy anything similar. However, I decided to try this gray sweater on, and I really like it! Very comfy and soft, and I don't mind the detailed holes in it at all. You can find it here!

A fashion blogger wearing a gray distressed sweater.
Details of a gray distressed sweater.
A fasion blogger wearing a gray distressed sweater, dark jeans, and high heel boots.

So I should have shared this look a bit earlier because I probably would not wear it right now due to the weather. If you live somewhere warm though, this would be such a cool outfit to wear. It is pretty much a dress and a romper in one, and those sleeve details are everything! You can find this plum dress/romper here!

A fashion blogger wearing a plum romper dress. 
Details of a plum romper dress.
A blogger wearing a plum romper dress, black flats, and a black bag. 

So here is the fourth look - a pink top with the front tie details, black jeans, and again knee-high boots. I am just too obsessed with these boots, and I can wear them with any outfit! Lol! I really like the top, too, especially the details at the front and the slit sleeves. You can find this top here!

A blogger sitting on a steps, wearing a pink top, black jeans, and knee-high boots.
Details of a pink top- ties in the front, and slit sleeves.
A blogger posing on the steps, wearing a pink long-sleeved top, black Jennifer Lopez jeans, and knee-high boots.

The final look is this open-shoulder floral top, blue jeans, and black loafers! I love romantic tops like this. There is something about open-shoulder tops that make me feel more feminine! You can find this cuteness here!

A blogger sitting on the steps, wearing a floral open-shoulder top, Express jeans, and black flats.
Autumn outfit inspiraton: blue floral top, dark jeans, black flats.
Lifestyle blogger wearing a blue floral open-shoulder top.

What look is your favourite? Mine is the sweater dress outfit! 

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Below you can find similar jeans, shoes, and purses! 

Thank you Femme Boutique Boston for providing me these amazing pieces to create this post.