4 Easy Ways to Find Your Calm

4 Easy Ways to Find Your Calm

Our lives can become very hectic, which is why it is so important to know different ways to calm your mind and your body. Since I've been studying Psychology for over five years, I definitely have learned quite a few tricks that can aid in finding your peace. I only recently started practicing these techniques more often because I realized that taking care of my body and mind is much more important than anything else.

1) Get an adult colouring book
This is actually relatively new to me. I always thought that colouring books were only for kids. After finally giving this a try, I noticed how untroubled I became. All negative thoughts and worries that I had disappeared. Adult colouring books serve as a type of art therapy. Colouring helps you reduce anxiety, become more self aware, and decrease any emotional conflicts within yourself.

2) Turn off your devices
This can be a hard thing to do since our lives are so focused on using electronics every single day. I, personally, feel like I am attached to my phone most of the time. Being a blogger definitely revolves around being active with emails and social media. However, there is nothing better than the feeling of not hearing your phone ring, and not needing to answer emails right there and then. Take at least 15 minutes during your busy day to spend that time without your devices. 

3) Meditate
This practice of mindfulness has proven to reduce stress and create a mindset of feeling calm. Although it will take some time to get used to this practice, and become good at it, the results are definitely worth it. If you do not have any experience with meditation, there are thousands of videos on YouTube on how to get started. Also, there is an app called Calm that contains short meditation sessions. 

4) Make a mind jar
This is a very easy way to calm your mind. Find an empty bottle or a jar, and fill it with warm water. Add some glitter glue and glitter. You can also add a few drops of food colouring. When you shake the jar, moving glitter portrays your racing thoughts, worries, and fears. Watch glitter fall to the bottom of the jar, which will represent the calming of your mind. 

I hope you find these tricks helpful! What are your favourite ways to find your calm? Let me know in the comments. :)