5 Outfit Options For A Date Night

5 Outfit Options For A Date Night

Hey guys,

I know it’s been almost two weeks since I posted a new article, but I am back with lots of inspiration and ideas for new posts. I have learned that as a new blogger, it can become challenging to find new original ideas to write about, especially when you haven’t figured out the exact niche you want to base your posts around. I took a little break, and now my mind is rested and ready to start blogging. :)

Tomorrow, Jude and I are going on a date... We have been so busy with work, and with other personal things, that we have forgotten to spend some quality time together. We haven't figured out where we are going yet. Haha... So, I came up with 5 outfit ideas for tomorrow night, and I decided to share these outfits with you. 

Option #1
White blouse+black jeans+black heels+red coat
I love this outfit. It's so simple, yet sophisticated. Black and white are two of my favourite colours to wear, and red is Jude's favourite colour, so it is my number 1 option so far. I think this outfit idea would be perfect if you go somewhere that doesn't require much walking. As much as I love these black leather heels, they are super high, and I can last no more than 2 hours wearing them. 

So, if you are thinking of going somewhere fancy with your significant other, find a nice white blouse, tight black pants, any black heels in your closet, and you will definitely impress him/her. :) 

Option #2
Little black dress. 
Well, this one doesn't need much explanation. I am sure every single girl has this kind of dress in her closet. I decided to also add this faux fur vest. In my black dress, I have a low decollete, so I either have to buy that Bombshell push up bra from Victoria's Secret, or I can wear a necklace. So, in your case, use whichever option you prefer. 


Option #3
Pink oversized sweater+tight jeans+heels
I love love love this pink sweater that I got from Forever 21. It is so comfortable, and a little sexy, because it falls off from one shoulder. Oversized sweaters are very popular this fall, so if you don't want to wear something that is super fancy, throw on a sweater, tight jeans, and in my case, these awesome pointy heels.


Option #4
Yellow sweater+black crop top+black tight pants+black boots
As I mentioned earlier, I love the colour black, so I decided to add a long yellow sweater to this all black outfit. If you like to show a little skin, and still want to leave something for your significant other's imagination, crop tops are perfect for that.


Option #5
Leather dress+knee high boots
I found this black leather dress in my closet. I paired it with a black see-through shirt, black tights, and burgundy knee high boots. I think it looks great, and you can wear something like this anywhere - sexy, simple, and comfortable to be in. 



Don't be scared to experiment with your style. I honestly feel like my style is all over the place. I do love to wear heels, because they automatically make me feel more elegant and tall, and Jude loves when I wear them as well. One tip that I want to give everyone who is reading this blog is that even if you have been in a relationship for years, it doesn't mean that you don't have a reason to impress your significant other. Most of the time, Jude sees me wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt, but when we go out, I do dress to impress - not only for him, but more importantly, I do it to feel great about myself and the way I look. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to look good. I completely understand that not everyone has the financial ability to spend money on clothes. I purchased all the clothes that you see in this post at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Love Culture, and H&M. Can you tell that they are not high end purchases? I hope not! :)


Which outfit do you think I should wear for a date night? Help! Lol