Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Palette (Review!)

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to be talking about Carli Bybel and her new eyeshadow and highlighter palette in today's post!

I hope you are all familiar with Carli and her YoutTube channel. If not, definitely check her out! She is a beauty guru and is one of my favourite makeup artists on YouTube. 

Currently, she has two palettes that she created in collaboration with BH Cosmetics. However, the original palette will be discontinued soon. I recently received her new deluxe edition palette, and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT!

This is the only palette that I have been using since I got it. It has all the shades that you will need for spring and summer: oranges, pinks, mauves, browns, and neutrals. Very versatile!

Her original palette had 14 colors. The new palette has 21 colors, including 15 eyeshadow shades and 6 highlighter shades. One of the best things about this palette is that it is affordable. It only costs $19.50 right now! Like what?! This price will soon go up to $22.50, but that is still pretty cheap for such an amazing palette. I feel like Carli is the only beauty influencer that takes her follower's ability to pay for her products into consideration.

The new palette includes some shades from the original, which were the most used and loved by Carli's followers. The top row of the new palette are all new shades! I especially love those oranges and pinks. They are so perfect for an everyday look, as well as a super fancy look for going out. Carli also created 3 new highlighter shades, because she wanted people with different skin tones to be able to use this palette. My swatches honestly do not do it justice! It is so much prettier in real life.

This is such a versatile palette because you can use highlighter shades as eyeshadows and vice versa! The eyeshadows and highlighters are very pigmented, especially if you spray your brush or dip it in water before applying the product on your face. They are also super easy to blend, and leave very little fallout. The eyeshadows and highlighters have very soft texture and feel so nice on the eyelids. I usually do my makeup in the morning, and I can honestly say that these shadows last for a very long time, especially if you apply concealer or primer on your eyelids prior to applying the product.

Overall, this is an amazing palette. I think it is worth much more than Carli is asking for it! Not only are all the shades beautiful, but they are also great quality. I definitely recommend this palette!

Have you guys gotten your hands on this beauty yet? What's your favourite eyeshadow or highlighter palette? Share in the comments! :)